Important Before & After Care Tips For A Airbrush Tan

Important Care Tips To Ensure A Beautiful & Long Lasting Custom Airbrush Tan

A few days before your airbrush tan appointment, please read the above pre & post care instructions to really ensure you get a beautiful and long lasting tan.

Some very important care tips you need to follow are:

1) Wax/shave before the day or 2 before your appointment. Make sure to get your pedicure & or manicure done before the day of your appointment too.

2) The evening before your tan appointment, please shower & do a deep exfoliation over your face and body. After shower apply a deep moisturizer on your face & body.

3) On the day of your appointment,  take a shower and please do NOT apply any moisturizers, deodorants, perfumes & makeup. Nothing that will clog your pores.

4) Please bring in looser, darker clothing to leave in as you don’t want to stain lighter clothing or rub off your tan with tight clothing.

5) Stay hydrated before the day of your appointment and during the duration of your tan. 

Also it is very important to keep your skin moisturized with lotion. I highly recommend using a “tan extender” moisturizer which I have available for purchase. 

6) Do not exfoliate your skin during the duration of your Tan.